The Post War H 2014


Once there was a boy

like an open book

who saw light could find it’s way

where violence never could


I’m ready for

I’m ready to…


Once there was a man

who felt beyond repair

when his heart had taken all

he thought it had to give


And I’m ready for

I’m ready…


To open my eyes

and turn them to red

the one you should kill is already dead

so open my eyes

and turn them to red

I want to forgive

and to sever the rest


I’ve made this division before

colliding with all that remains

when apathy’s taken ahold

it’s leading me further astray


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  1. Jenn says:

    you followed me on twitter so I went to youtube. I really like your music! Thank you for the intro. all the best for your future. Jenn

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