The Post War H 2014


By request, the lyrics to ‘Piece by Piece‘ can be found here…

All my words
Are getting in the way
Their hearts magnify
The less I say

And all my words
Are getting in the way
And I can’t satisfy
or make you stay

You’re tired of this I know
So I’m asking…

Take this out of my hands
Before it dies
Like a fading memory

It’s taken all that I have
To realize
We are built piece by piece

All these words
Are keeping me awake
And you identified
What I still can’t…

And this tidal wave will crash
Over me
But I won’t leave
This tidal wave
Will overtake me
But I won’t leave again

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  1. Swaroop Sunder says:


    am so glad and happy to see the mail with my request.


  2. ashlie says:

    Yes. good strong stuff. i’m impressed! keep it up! 🙂

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